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Information Morning for fathers who are involved in the day-to-day care of their children

21st  Century Dads

They are used to being target-setting, competitive and single-minded, but now they find themselves in unknown territory where multi-tasking and eternal patience are the main job requirements.  They are the 21st Century Dads who find themselves spending more time at home with their children.  Whether they do shift work or have voluntarily left full time employment; been made redundant or decided it makes more sense for their partner to work while they care for the children; more and more men are participating in a new work-life arrangement where they face the joys and challenges of raising their families. 

Having become aware of this trend, Galway City & County Childcare Committee will host an information meeting for fathers on Tuesday, 17th November in the Menlo Park Hotel at 10.30 a.m.  The purpose of the meeting is to find out if fathers are interested in availing of some of the supports available through the Galway City & County Childcare Committee.

Adam Brophy, author of the "It's a Dad's Life" column in the Irish Times will be a guest speaker and will share some of his own experiences as a "stay at home Dad".  Adam left his job shortly after his first child was born and those familiar with his column will know that he has enjoyed the experience of being at home and considers it "completely worth it".  Brophy feels that "becoming a parent has changed my life utterly. It pushed me to make changes I may not have made otherwise."

Jason Craughwell, Coordinator of the Galway City Sports Partnership will be on hand to give some information about the possibility of organising activities through the Sports Partnership, while Séamus Morrissey, Coordinator of Incredible Years Galway will also be available to address behaviour management issues.  Pádraig Kelly, Development Officer, Galway City & County Childcare Committee will chair the event. 

"Until recently, our focus was mainly on women but we have become aware recently that more fathers are taking part in the day-to-day care of their children", says Mary Giblin, Coordinator, Galway City & County Childcare Committee. "This meeting will give dads the opportunity to let us know what supports they require.  For instance, they might want some practical information on topics such as play & activities, sports, networking, cooking healthy meals or managing challenging behaviour."

Fathers are welcome to bring their children along to the meeting. Call 091-752039 or email to book a place at the meeting on the 17th.

This a collaborative initiative between Galway City & County Childcare Committee, Galway City Partnership and Galway City Sports Partnership.

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