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Childminders' Development Grant 2008-2010

Childminders Development Grant

As part of the National Childcare Investment Programme (NCIP) the Galway City and County Childcare Committee has been distributing the revised Childminder Development Grants (CMDG) 2008-2010. This scheme has been open to all Childminders, or potential Childminders who meet the criteria set out. We have encouraged all Childminders to take advantage of this opportunity.

The CMDG scheme is now drawing to a close. All outstanding allocated CMDG monies must be drawn down by September 30th 2010. CMDG visits will continue to take place throughout the year. Childminders are reminded they must be in operation for two years from approval of CMDG.

The Galway City and County Childcare Committee is currently reviewing all CMDG recipients over the past two years. Any funds decommitted by childminders have been put back into a small pool, from which we may be able to draw down small amounts for safety equipment.Please contact our office for the relevant documents.

Staff of the childcare committee are available to you should you require any assistance with the application. The application process is as follows:

  1. Childminder receives the application and reviews the criteria. If eligible, contacts the Childminder Advisory officer to arrange a visit to the childminding service/home to receive guidance on identifying the best use of the grant.
  2. Complete the application and return to the Galway City and County Childcare Committee for review by the appraisal sub-committee.
  3. The applicant is notified of the decision of the committee, in writing. If successful, the applicant then makes the purchases as set out in the application, returning the receipts for refund of up to 90% to a maximum of €1000.00.
  4. If unsuccessful, the applicant has a right to appeal the decision, or reapply under more favourable circumstances.

If you are required to complete the Quality Awareness Programme (QAP) for Childminders (see criteria details) or other relevant training prior to receiving the grant, you must pre-register with the Childminder Advisory Officer at the Committee office. This course will be offered in an ongoing manner through out the year.

For further information contact: Colette Coughlan, Childminder Advisory Officer at or 091-752039

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