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Childminder Advisory Officer

The role of the advisor is to support all childminders, including those who care for three or fewer preschool children and/or school age children and those who are notified to the HSE. All Childminders are encouraged to notify the Galway City & County Childcare Committee of their service so that they can take advantage of the many supports available, such as:
  • Assistance to set up your childminding service
  • Ongoing support for established services
  • Guidance in record-keeping, writing policies, etc.
  • Access to funding through the Childminders’ Development Grant
  • Local training
  • Mutual support through a local network of childminders
  • Assistance in completing the Self-Evaluation, as part of the National Guidelines for Childminders
  • Assistance in preparing for annual HSE inspections
  • Information regarding the Childcare Services Relief (tax exemption for Childminders)
  • Parent Referral Service
  • Receiving the quarterly ‘Childminders’ News’
  • Text update service for meetings, training, etc.
Contact Colette Coughlan, Childminder Advisory Officer at: or 087-9421895

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