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Vetting for Childminders

The long awaited Garda Vetting system for Childminders and staff of childcare services has been set up. Barnardo’s is the appointed agency who will process applications for Childminders who are notified to the HSE, Childminders who are Voluntary Notified to the Galway City and County Childcare Committee, and Childminders who are working informally in the community. If Childminders have assistants in their service they may also be vetted through Barnardo’s. The Galway City and County Childcare Committee strongly encourages Childminder to include everyone in the home whom is over 18 years in their vetting programme.

Under the revised Pre-school Services Regulations 2006, all Childminders notified to the HSE are required to be vetted {Part II, 8.2 (c) and 3} once the system has been set up. Under the National Guidelines for Childminders: Voluntary Notification, Childminders agree to undergo the Garda Vetting procedure once it is set up.

By availing of the vetting system, Childminders can offer reassurance to parents that they have no criminal record that would deem them unsuitable to provide personal care and attention to their child in the unsupervised environment of the family home.

Garda Vetting is one step in ensuring the safety and protection of the children in your care. Having a written Child Protection Policy and Procedures and ensuring your families are aware of such procedures is another aspect, as is training in the Children First: Child Protection programme. Training for this is available from the Galway City and County Childcare Committee.

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