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PIP announcements: Non-contact time payment update and ECCE fees list and service calendars

Please see the following two announcements that were announced on the PIP portal this week:

1. Non-contact time payment update
    Please note that the non-contact payments will be open for applications from June 29th.
    - Applications can be made by completing the programme readiness task on PIP
    - Applications submitted to Pobal by 11am on Tuesdays will be paid and should be in accounts by the end of that week.
    - Payments will be paid weekly
    - The final date for completion of the non-contact time payment application will be 30th July, 2017
Please see detailed notice with instructions for application and further information.

2. ECCE fees list and service calendars
    From Friday 16th June, 2017 Service providers will be able to complete and submit ECCE Fees Lists and Service Calendars.
    Please note that some changes have been introduced to the service calendars this year. Please refer to the How to Guide for more details:
    - Bank holidays have been auto populated
    - Where a service is closed for 3 days or more in one week or on a week that a bank holiday falls 3 days + bank holiday (4 days), this will automatically populate as a non-payment week.
    - Services are required to open for a minimum number of weeks per term. The recommended number of weeks per terms are:
        • 28 Aug - Dec 15 weeks
        • Jan - March 11 weeks
        • April - June 12 weeks.
     - The April - July term runs for an extra 2 weeks until 13 July 2018 for those services running ECCE for 41 weeks.
A How to Guide and How to Videos for Service Calendars and Fees Lists have been prepared and posted to the portal to assist you with this process.

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