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Motion Picture Licensing Company - Requirements for Early Years Settings

Motion Picture Licensing Company - Licensing Requirements for Early Years Settings

According to the Motion Picture Licensing Company requirements, pre-recorded videocassettes and DVDs ("Videos") which are available in stores throughout the Republic of Ireland are for home use only -- unless you have a licence to show them elsewhere.
Rentals or purchases of Videos do not carry with them licences for non-home showings. Before you can legally engage in non-home showings, you must have a separate licence which specifically authorises such use.  These rules are embodied in the Copyright and Related Rights Act of 2000, Any institution, organisation, company or individual wishing to engage in non-home showings of Videos should be aware of the Copyright Act's provisions governing the showing of Video

How does this affect the childcare sector?
All pre-recorded entertainment DVDs and Videos, distributed by the MPLC producers’ and screened anywhere inside an educational establishment, will be covered under the Umbrella Licence.
The Licence fee is based on the capacity of the location, i.e., the number of children
Childcare establishments can show any legally obtained format, available for private, home use, from any retail or rental source
Licensees cannot advertise performances to the general public.
No fees can be collected to watch the motion picture.
Licensees can arrange annual cover year on year, or a license for a limited term, as required.

Further information available on the Motion Picture Licensing Company website:

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