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Attention Childcare Providers!
Information re: Advance Payment of ECCE Funds

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Scheme � September 2010
Advance payment of ECCE funds


Note:  Please contact your Galway City & County Childcare Committee Development Officer if you have any queries regarding
the payment of ECCE Funds.

The advance payment in respect of the provision of ECCE services from September 2010 has now been processed and the funds should be in the service�s bank account within 3 to 5 working days. The advance payment only includes those who had received a signed contract from the OMCYA by 25h August.


Anyone who has been contacted regarding the provision of a tax clearance certificate and who has not provided same will not receive an advance payment until such time as the certificate is received by the OMCYA.


In addition, it is not possible to issue an advance payment to services who have not provided their bank details to this Office using the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) form (available for download on the OMCYA website).


Advance payments will be made in the next few weeks to services who missed the first run for the reasons outlined above, where an advance payment is due (see information re outstanding overpayments below).


The advance payment has been calculated on the basis of the number of eligible children in each service at the end of the last contract period. It comprises an 8 week payment for each eligible child at the appropriate rate MINUS any overpayment due to the OMCYA in respect of excess ECCE funds issued during the last contract period.




  • A sessional service with 8 eligible children and no outstanding overpayment will receive an advance payment of €4,128.00, made up as follows:


8 children X €64.50 X 8 weeks


  • If that service had an outstanding overpayment of €1,483.50, the advance payment will be €2,644.50, i.e. €4,128.00 - €1,483.50.


  • If the service is in receipt of higher capitation and has no outstanding overpayment, the advance payment would be €4,800, i.e. 8 children X €75.00 X 8 weeks.


  • A full-time service with 8 children and no outstanding overpayment would receive €3,104.00, i.e. 8 children X €48.50 X 8 weeks.


PLEASE NOTE that services participating in the ECCE Scheme for the first time from September 2010 will receive an advance payment on the conditions as set out above and based on the number of eligible children indicated on the application form SUBJECT TO a maximum of 10 children.


The balancing payment for the September term will be issued following receipt and validation of the electronic returns (see ECCE and CCS Schemes Annual Returns 2010-2011 on the OMCYA website).

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